Innovation is the engine that drives economies and technological progress.

Robust competition in online markets brings benefits to both consumers and businesses. It is the driving force behind online innovation and new content, as well as choice and low prices. In a competitive market, companies are forced to continue to innovate and thereby create new products and services which serve to energise the economy and empower consumers.

ICOMP believes that Regulators should apply existing competition laws in key online markets, including search and search advertising as well as other forms of online advertising, without overlooking the non-price aspects of competition, such as protection of data security and consumer privacy. They should also ensure that no company is allowed to abuse a dominant position by harming its competitors or by seeking to gain an unfair advantage in related markets.

Equally, the growth of the internet companies must act responsibly with the enormous amount of data that they are able to acquire. Non-transparent practices that limit or distort access to information, prevent competition, deceive users or keep them uninformed are particularly harmful and put the entire Internet ecosystem at risk.

The other ICOMP pillars are Security, Intellectual property and Privacy

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Competition in the News

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ICOMP Blogs on Competition

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Relevant White Papers

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