Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why was ICOMP founded?


ICOMP was founded to provide a forum for all organisations – large and small – which have an interest in the online marketplace, to discuss the challenges they face in terms of competition and how this affects intellectual property rights, privacy, security and transparency on the internet.ICOMP was founded to bring together parties from all industries that work in the online space and adhere to ICOMP’s principles to discuss these challenges and how they might be met.

Q:What does ICOMP do?


ICOMP promotes the widespread support for principles that are essential to a healthy online environment and for a more competitive, transparent, privacy friendly, and secure online marketplace. It does so though sponsoring and organising conferences and press roundtables, issuing policy briefs and commissioning consumer research.For more information about ICOMP and its work, click here.

Q:What are the ICOMP Principles?


ICOMP promotes the widespread support for principles that it believes are essential to a healthy online environment. ICOMP’s members collectively support principles which they believe promote:

  1. Healthy competition in online advertising to fund online innovation and content.
  2. Consumer understanding of the ways in which information about them is used and how consumer privacy will be respected to help Internet and e-commerce reach their full potential.
  3. Intellectual property rights to foster creativity and innovation by enabling firms and individuals to capture the commercial value of their efforts.

To see the full principles, please click here.

Q:Who are ICOMP’s members?


ICOMP has over 70 members who are brought together by their support for the ICOMP Principles, which they believe are essential to a healthy online marketplace. All of these organisations are involved in the online marketplace – large and small – represent several industries including advertising, technology and publishing. Most of ICOMP’s members are spread across Europe, with some members also based in the United States, the Middle East and Asia. For a full list of ICOMP Council Members, visit the Member Directory or Contact Us.ICOMP is funded by member contributions as well as sponsorship from Microsoft. Burson-Marsteller acts as its secretariat.

Q:What benefits does ICOMP bring to its members?


ICOMP provides a platform from which members can together advocate for principles that they believe are essential to a healthy online environment. The body also provides a forum in which members can share their views and meet other like-minded members and friends of ICOMP. Members receive invitations to all ICOMP events and regular news updates on industry issues. Many members are also very active in the development of ICOMP’s work programme and governance (see below).

Q:How is ICOMP governed?


ICOMP is governed by a Council of ICOMP members, led by ICOMP’s Chairman Lord Alan Watson. Lord Watson is also the Chairman of Havas Media UK and CTN Communications, a digital communications company. This Council controls the general programme and direction of the organisation and meets quarterly to discuss progress.Separately from this, ICOMP’s Secretariat co-ordinates the day-to-day activities of the organisation. The Secretariat consists of ICOMP’s directors and advisors, ICOMP’s trustees and Burson-Marsteller.For more information visit the Governance section of the website.

Q:How is Burson-Marsteller involved in ICOMP?


Burson-Marsteller acts as the secretariat for ICOMP and has a long history of building industry coalitions to raise pertinent issues in a variety of industries and marketplaces.
Burson-Marsteller is also a member of ICOMP. As a communications firm, Burson-Marsteller creates digital communications strategies for its clients and has an interest in the future health of the online marketplace and the issues raised by the ICOMP discussion forum.

Q:Is participation in the ICOMP discussion forum exclusive and how can I get involved?


ICOMP welcomes all participants who share a respect for the ICOMP principles and support principles for a healthy online marketplace.You can participate in several ways:

  1. By signing up to receive the ICOMP newsletter;
  2. By attending ICOMP events;
  3. By cross-linking to the ICOMP blog;
  4. By becoming a member – ICOMP’s membership is made up of companies which have signed their agreement with the ICOMP Principles. For information on membership benefits see above or contact the Secretariat.

Q:Where can I find more information?


If you’re questions are not answered on the ICOMP website or in this Q&A, please do get in contact with the ICOMP Secretariat.