The ICOMP leadership is made up of a number of individuals who help guide and advise the members and the organisation. Among these figures are our Chairman, Legal Counsel and Working Group Chair-people who are represented below.

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Lord Alan Watson Chairman of ICOMP
David Wood ICOMP Legal Counsel
Auke Haagsma ICOMP Director
Mahendra Swarup Chairman of ICOMP India
Marc Pinter-Krainer ICOMP Search Working Group Chair
Vinzenz Stimpfl‐Abele Chair of the Consumer Issues Working Group
Sylvie Fodor Co-chair of the Digital Economy Working Group
Mariusz Lisiecki Chair of the ICOMP Digital Agenda Working Group
Christoph Waitz German Spokesperson
Marie-Anne Gallot le Lorier French Spokesperson
Shivaun Raff Special Advisor for Search and Related Competition Issues